Design Office. House in the mountains of Osaka.

Design Office has constructed an unusual residential house with a direct view of the Osaka plain located in an exclusif residential area of Takarazuke city of Hyogo prefecture in Japan. The house is locaiduces a feeling of warmth and security and an idea of flying and liberty as birds have. That is the reason why the house is divided into two parts that have the difference in height of 8 meters, so that the ground floor part is invisible from the street side view. The shape of the house replicates the landscape and create an corrugated profile reminding a dragon - traditional japanese myth animal. An extraordinary 18 meter-long terrace is a key element of this building. The terrace offers a splendid view, mountains and the sea 60 km away can be observed. The framework of the house seems to be similar to the deck of a boat floating on a heavy sea. ted on a hill with an elevation of 330 meters, the site has a difference in height of 8 meters.


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