Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands is a mixed-use complex located in the city-state of Singapore. Includes more than 2500 hotel rooms, a convention center, shops, restaurants, cinemas, a museum and a casino, all in a space located on the shores of the bay in Singapore and near the business district of the city in Asia.

The set has been designed by Moshe Safdie U.S. study for the developer Las Vegas Sands. It was partially opened on 23 June, although there are still some areas of the same for inagurar.Undoubtedly the most striking element of the complex are the three towers of 190 feet that house the hotel, crowned and united by a massive structure that gives rise to a park of 10,000 square meters height. The park includes sports fields, gazebos and even a swimming pool with spectacular views of vertigo.Complex applications are distributed as shown in the diagram below:

1. Hotel  2. SkyPark.  3. Casino. 4. Shops. 5. Convention & Exhibition Centre.  6. Art and Science Museum.     7. Theatres.   8. Glass pavilions (shops and nightclubs).   9. Space for outdoor events.


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