Hilton Garden Inn

A Polish architect group Krysiak Jagiello Architekci created Gilton Garden Inn located in the centre of Katowice, the capital of the industrial south of Poland - Upper Silesia. The location and shape of the building are limited from the east by a river and from the north and east by a high tension network and local existing and planned infrastructure. A steel mesh used on the facade gives an illusion of a sloping roof and accentuate the dynamic of the shapes. With the height of 40 meters, this building dominates the neighbourhood, the other dominant building is in distance of 450 meters. The exterior was inspired by surrounding area. Exterior openings represent an idea of gaps in a brick that served as an inspiration for the designers. Size of the windows increases with each floor level and creates the vertical growth in the upper, residential part of the building, while in the bottom levels that houses some offices, the windows represents the horizontal growth and its size increases more in-depth.


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